You might say Sharon was born to bring
comfort to others. 

She practiced nursing for 26 years—until she broke her knee in a fall and was then seriously injured in a car wreck. Like many in North Texas, Sharon was closer to homelessness than she realized. Over the next few months, Sharon depleted her resources. And after caring for others for nearly three decades, she was forced to rely on others to care for her.


Though Sharon found short-term safety through a shelter, she quickly found her Jewish faith and the shelter’s beliefs to be in conflict.

When you meet Sharon today, the first thing you’ll notice is her bright smile. It’s that eternal optimism that carried Sharon through life’s trials. “Even though I hit bottom, I was still happy,” Sharon said. “I know these life situations are temporary.”

Sharon emerged from the shelter with newfound resolve. Through applying for housing assistance, she learned about CitySquare Housing’s CityWalk@Akard, a residential community in downtown Dallas.

“I felt like I was supposed to live here,” she added. “I felt comfortable from the beginning, and I have everything I need in my own place.”

In addition to providing quality, affordable housing, CityWalk offers a Community Life Team, a group of case managers who provide supportive services and on-site counseling to the building’s residents. This approach assists residents in removing barriers for healing and moving forward.

Sharon is still a nurse at heart and hopes to help others by sharing her story. She offered that her Rabbi likes to remind her you don’t know someone’s story, until you know their story.

“I have good support here,” Sharon said. “And I have my greatest wealth, my mind.”