She was the mother of two, a dedicated college student and a committed volunteer. At the same time, she was caught in an abusive relationship not knowing what would come next.


Beatriz found herself in the position of so many in abusive situations: forced to face poverty to escape their abusers. Instead of holding the abuser to account, pressure is put on the abused to leave the situation, though they and their children have nowhere to go. 


Poverty, like abuse, is a multigenerational cycle that is incredibly difficult to break. Through her personal and professional journey, Beatriz is serving every day at CitySquare to end that cycle for families
hers in our community.

Beatriz learned about AmeriCorps in 2011 while earning service hours for a college class. She headed to CitySquare to apply and soon began working at the CitySquare Food Pantry. She quickly moved from her behind-the-scenes role to a part-time position there.

Her momentum was just beginning- out of a dangerous marriage and into CitySquare roles that fit her talents and dedication. In 2013, as she was struggling to 

make rent, pay legal fees and care for her daughters, CitySquare reached out with financial assistance, emotional support, and practical help in the form of a refrigerator and twin beds for her girls.

After earning her social work degree, Beatriz became a case manager for CitySquare. She now works on-site at Via Bonita Apartments in Far East Dallas. There, Beatriz supports 19 of our neighbors as they navigate a new role as dependable tenants”providing transportation, coaching interactions with property managers, helping with budgeting, coordinating CitySquare services,  and more.

In every interaction, Beatriz brings hope. "As a case manager, I may not be able to change a situation," she says. "But I can be there to say, 'There's hope. Things won't always be the same.'" Knowing there was hope meant the world to Beatriz. And every day, she helps neighbors gain the confidence to continue to create change in their lives.


T: 214.303.2100


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