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None else in his family had gone to college, so why should he? Craig Spaulding had other plans after high school. But his grandfather, Homer Alfonso Fox, made an offer that changed the path of his life and, subsequently, for thousands of others. "You should get a college degree," he told Craig. "And I'll make it possible."

Homer was Craig's hero. He worked three jobs and got very little sleep. But Craig never heard him complain. "He always found time to help those less fortunate," Craig remembers. "My family had limited means. But because he owned a bicycle shop, I thought my grandfather had to be rich." He later realized that the wealth was real, just not monetary. "His compassionate generous spirit was like a magnet," Craig says. "And I wanted to be just like him."

Craig follows in his grandfather's footsteps today. His advocacy in fighting poverty as a board member for CitySquare, as a generous donor, and as a tireless champion for our neighbors at CitySquare is making a difference.

Just as his grandfather was an advocate for Craig, Craig advocates for others. At CitySquare's Homer Alonzo Fox Center for Financial Empowerment, neighbors receive walk-in case management services to connect them with resources ranging from housing to food to financial coaching and more. The work done at the Center, made possible through Craig's support, helps neighbors of every walk find a path out of poverty

"The center is teaching hundreds of our neighbors skills to help them better provide for their families," Craig says. These skills serve not only individual families today, but are tools to fight poverty for generations to come.


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